ID-10088171 Study abroad can spell information overload! You’ve got books, flyers, and orientations coming at you from every angle.  All of this information is important to gather, but can lead to a false sense of security.  Students are often surprised at how uncomfortable they still might feel once they get abroad, even though they’ve prepared everything they’ve been told to.


COACHING brings all this information to life and provides you the real-time support and tools needed to create a truly life-changing experience.

ID-100264697We offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions via Skype and telephone to clients around the world.  Examples of how coaching can help you include:

  • Preparing emotionally for the journey ahead
  • Designing personal goals for while you’re abroad
  • Developing choices and making decisions when real-life issues arise (e.g. cultural adjustment issues, roommate problems, relationship issues, family issues, academic concerns, homesickness, etc.)
  • Determining what is and isn’t working in your life abroad and taking actions to get what you really want
  • Finding meaning and learning in every life experience
  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone and doing more than you would on your own
  • Leveraging the self-growth opportunity abroad to increase confidence and understanding
  • Integrating the experience into your life back home, reflecting on what’s changed, and determining what’s next
  • Translating your experience into language on a resume in interviews that employers will value

Discover how coaching can enhance your study abroad experience and set you apart from the rest!  

Prices are on a sliding scale and start as low as $90 USD per hour.

Contact us to discuss your circumstances and request a current price list.